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The First Patch is out, Read about it



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The FIrst Patch

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make sure you back up any scenario files and maps that you
want to keep before installing this patch, since Some scenarios
have been updated in this patch.

******************** Bug Fixes ************************

- AI TC .50 cal aiming problem fixed.

- MP algorithm has been tweaked (mainly between TC and Gunner in same tank)

- LOS through forests has been tweaked (fixed)

- In MP game with remote human TC, enemy detection by (phantom) AI TC is won't happen anymore.

- The smoke generator now cannot be turned on when the engine is turned off.

- Stats from MP games are now logged to the player's records screen (if the player used the default name).

- Info on dead vehicles is sent across the net in MP now (in case they are pushed around).

- Initial stab damage (set in mission editor) stays damaged permanently (i.e., won't be repaired).

- If a player loses a connection (in MP), control of his tanks will pass to another player.

- In Scoring Formula: Mission Time > (<) now works correctly.

- Leopard peri override has been improved. No more jitter with low frame rates.

- Lase button from Leo's peri in KW mode no longer sets waypoint.

- Mine fields can no longer be selected and moved in the planning phase.

- The middle mouse button in the leopard should now work.

- Deleted arty strikes are now transfered over the net in MP (and deleted on other players' machines).

- Loading plans for an MP game should now work without causing transmission errors during the game.

- Dead soldiers should no longer float above ground in MP.

- In manual mode, gunner will no longer move gun over rear deck.

- Tanks that start off as dead, should really be dead at the start. (For client in MP.)

- TC should no longer ask gunner to shoot targets that the gunner cannot see if there are other targets.

- Fire control should now be saved and reloaded properly in plans.

- Can no longer set a waypoint by lasing when driving is disabled.

- Direction clock for infantry fixed

- Kocked down trees can no longer be detected on the map.

- Brakes will still work if engine is destroyed as long as hydraulics are still good.

- Penetration for MG ammo on M113 variants has been corrected

- Palm switches on M1A1 will not work in Normal mode when stabilizatin is damaged.

- Credit is now given to TC for kills by TC when overriding. (Was only a problem in MP games.)

- Switching ownership from computer to player using "player if" condition should now work properly in MP.

*********** New Features / modifications **************

- Added new vehicles: Jaguar2, BMD2, BTR80, MTLB, Humvee.

- Added Danish text and speech

- Minimum arty delay revised (lengthened): 1:20 for spotter call, and 2:30 otherwise. (M113FO and FISTV have spotting capabilities, as well as all CO AND XO vehicles.

- Error messages should no longer come in an un-interruptable stream when there is a major problem (by a API failure, for example). This should allow players to exit the game without a reboot.

- Phase lines can now be transfered during the execution phase of an MP game (by the ranking player only). Right click on the phase line and select appropriate menu item.

- In MP, a tank with killed TC and/or gunner will limit the number of crew position for players. If TC and gunner are both killed, nobody can man the tank.

- Scroll bar added to debrief info box.

- TC should take a little longer to detect targets.

- In MP: Players can transfer ownership of any of their units (that they don't occupy) to another player (on their side). Right click on unit in map screen and select appropriate menu item.

- "T" key (Target key) now will prevent the AI TC from overriding for 15 seconds, or until the "I" key is presssed. In MP, will transmit "Identified!" from human gunner to human TC.

- "I" key (Identify-for-me key) will cause the AI TC to move the gun to the current target. In MP, will transmit "Cannot identify!" from human gunner to human TC.

- W, S, X keys pressed by human gunner in MP game will trigger sounds to be played on human TC's machine. W: Driver move out. S: Driver Stop. X: Driver backup.

- Deployment zones now implemented. In mission editor, right click on a region and select "Deployment zone" to make it a deployment zone. During the planning phase, any unit that  is in a deployment zone can be moved anywhere in any deployment zone by the player by  clicking and dragging the unit icon in the map screen.

- Muzzle flash is now displayed in TC and gunner's position.

- Shutter (after main gun fire) implemented in Leo. (This will cause the view to go black
for about 0.25 seconds. This is NOT a bug!)

- Added "tanks" and "PCs" (instead of just AFVs) to condition and scoring windows.

- Penaly zones now implemented. In mission editor, right click on a region and select "Penaly zone" to select the type of penalty, exempt units, and the likelihood of penalty. Penalties are assessed every 30 seconds, with a 30 second warning before any penalty is inflicted. Warnings are only given if you occupy the unt that is being penalized.

- All external zoom views are now "bino" views, originating from the vehicle or soldier,
not from behind it. (This was changed to prevent cheating.)

- Host will be asked whether he wants to upload the selected files each time a player
joins a session, not just the first time.

- Mission scoring has been improved.

- "Return fire only" option added for units (to supplement existing options of Normal,Blind and impotent. Setting this option in the scenario editor will cause the unit to open fire only if fired upon first. This feature only applies when the unit is manned
with AI crew members and is meant to be used mainly in multiplayer games.

- ATGM launchers on vehicles are now animated

- Hull down command ("E") given from external view will now orient hull in direction of player's view, not hull direction.

- In MP games, a message is now displayed (and recorded) when you are killed by another human.

- There is now a small chance of damage to tracks, radio, GPS and TC when running over trees, especially at fast speeds.

- All ditches are now of the same terrain type that they sit on. To make a dirt ditch, you must specifically paint dirt on top of the ditch in the map editor.

- Soldiers should be easier to suppress with fire.

- Speech sounds "battle carry sabot" and "sabot loaded" have been added back.

- Long scenario names are now displayed in a smaller font in the staging areas

- Units with Scout tactics moving at slow speeds can usually uncover mine fields now (without blowing up).

- Implemented pasting from clipboard into text boxes (useful for pasting IP addresses into the SB).

- Updated and added some scenarios