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Get the First Patch for this, the KING of tank sims here.

or read about it here.

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Warrior AFV

Images (courtesy of Scott Cunningham) taken from the game Steel Beast, Buy it here


Do you have what it takes to become a warrior?

You think you can take on all comers and walk away with your head held high?

Can you sit back in wait while you watch your friends get blown to bits by enemy fire?

If you do. We need you!

Contact  Col TPFS by email or ICQ# 59044768 if you are interested in signing up, or with any comments about this site.

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Buy Steel Beats Here

Steel Beasts is a modern warfare tanksim and features two playable tanks, the US M1A1 Abrams and the German Leopard 2A4. It's the first tanksim released since 1999 and quite possibly the last for several years. While all tanksims (and sims in general) come with plus and minuses, Steel Beast has an integrated plus so strong that it quite literally leaves the others in its dust. Coming from eSim Studios and Shrapnel Games, Steel Beasts is the magnum opus of one talented programmer and a small cadre of knowledgeable military tankers. Read more here...... @


Mission download sites.

Shrapnel games


Skin Links.

The official SB site


Hight maps and converters.

The official SB site


US Tank Commander Keyset

US Tank Gunner Keyset

GAS Target Reference

Joystick and Mouse Configuration

Pz-Kommandant Tastaturbelegung

Richtschutze Tastaturbelegung

Steel Beasts Forums.

Warrior HQ


Shrapnel Games

Other Steel Beats Sties.

The official SB site

Steel Beasts Assembly Area


SB patch 1 (SimHQ)

SB patch 1 (


SB Virtual Units

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A lot of the file links on this page are located on the sites listed above....don't forget to visit them.


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